Grief after Suicide

Thursday 10 September is World Suicide Prevention Day 2020, which is inevitably going to cause a peak in discussions around suicide across the world wide web. If you are currently dealing with grief after losing a loved one to suicide, you may find this a particularly emotional and challenging day, so it’s important that you …

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Coming out, or staying in? How to navigate ‘post-lockdown’ relations

Professional Help’s Head of Counselling Joanna Williams shares… It started even before so-called ‘super Saturday’. Invitations to meet up, sometimes clearly signposted as ‘socially distanced walks’ but sometimes more vague: a gathering in someone’s garden, or was that their house? OK the garden, but what if it rained? The invites didn’t mention how many other …

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Gardening in a Time of Grief

Today we’re welcoming a guest blogger, Mary Walsh, whose dad sadly died recently. This Mental Health Awareness Week we’re grateful to Mary for encouraging us to focus on allowing ourselves to grieve in the ways that feel right for us – and for Mary, in nature. “I lost my dad a few weeks ago.  It …

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Be kind… it starts with you

One of the most effective questions I’ve found to ask clients who present with a scenario on which they want advice is, “What would you say if your best friend asked you the same thing?” Very often this comes up when working with relationship issues and they’ve just told me a story that involves behaviour …

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