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We believe that GriefChat has many helpful applications - for businesses whose customers have been bereaved and who wish to provide early, immediate emotional support; for charities, hospices and health organisations; and for the funeral profession and allied industries who are keen to support their customers better.

We are committed to transforming access to bereavement care in the UK - why not join us?


Our Guarantee

GriefChat has been designed to provide front line support to bereaved people. It is not envisaged to be an in-depth bereavement counselling service but will provide information, reassurance, normalisation and signposting into other helpful services.

Access Longer Term Counselling

GriefChat can arrange for bereaved people to access longer-term bereavement counselling either through our own network of counsellors (for which a fee may be payable by the client) or through a local bereavement care organisation (which may be fee paying or free if provided by a charity) as we believe that while GriefChat allows people the opportunity to chat about their experience and reach out for support; longer-term and in-depth counselling work can often be better delivered over the telephone or face to face.

If your organisation has a list of preferred counsellors or even an in-house counsellor, please do let us know and we would be pleased to refer clients originating from your website to these.

GriefChat Counsellors

GriefChat Counsellors are all part of the Professional Help Associate Counselling Team, which means that they have been very carefully selected for their experience, aptitude and qualifications.

Our Counsellors

All of our counsellors hold as a minimum a diploma-level qualification in counselling, with many achieving degree and postgraduate qualifications. Our counsellors must undergo professional supervision and provide evidence of continuing professional development. They have all been thoroughly vetted and hold a recent, clear DBS check.

Good to Know

GriefChat® is open 9am-9pm Monday to Friday and is provided FREE of charge to all bereaved people.


For organisational enquiries please contact:

Tel: 01524 889823


GriefChat Ltd, Office 1, Dalton Hall Business Centre, Dalton Lane, Burton in Kendal, Cumbria, LA6 1NJ

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